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Canadians in Arizona

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Canadians in Arizona!

Canadians in ArizonaYour dollar is doing well, Arizona housing is definitely a buyer’s market.

Canadians in Arizona - making a home for you is our mission! Maybe you found this site because you are Canadians in Arizona looking for an investment property, a winter (Canadian snowbird) home or because you are looking for a home to retire in.

If any of the above is true, for you Canadians in Arizona, then you're in the right place.

You Canadians looking to move Arizona may have heard the stories about the AZ Real Estate market being in a slight recession. Much of what you may have heard is true. The good news is that only sellers of homes are negatively affected. Buyers are in the driver’s seat!

The Arizona/Phoenix Market offers Canadians in Arizona a plethora of choices which will open your eyes to the incredible buying power of the Canadian dollar, and give you insight into why so many of your friends and family are now Canadians buying Real Estate in the US. For Canadians in Arizona we are working to meet your needs

The Valley offers homes for many different Canadian lifestyles.

  • Affordable houses under $150,000 (1000-2000sqft new ones!!!)
  • Gated 55+ communities that Canadians in AZ will love!
  • Townhomes & Condos perfect for Canadian snowbirds
  • Multimillion dollar palaces built on the side of a mountain, surrounded by saguaro cactus.
  • Homes on golf courses which allow our Canadian snowbirds to be able to tee off from their back yard.

Canadians buying US Real Estate are enjoying the weather, and are especially impressed with the value of the homes. Many Canadians in Arizona tell me that the same homes that we find for $250,000 now would go for $750,000 in Canada.

Canadians in Arizona love the fact that they can play golf on one of Phoenix’s hundreds of courses in the dead of winter.

One of the major draws for our Canadian neighbors is the 300 days of sunshine in Arizona. A wise man once said “You never have to shovel Sunshine!”

There are several choices to make when a Canadian is buying US Real Estate:

Canadians in ArizonaForeclosures and New Builds are priced so well right now, it would be insane to overlook either of these options. Generally many resale homes are priced above market value

Short sales in AZ are overrated because of the 4-6 week response time on the offer. Many Canadians buying US Real Estate have made a decision, and are ready to move on it. Generally, the new build homes are completed with 1/5/7 year warranties, but foreclosures and short sales are sold as-is. When Canadians in Arizona come to visit, they don't want to wait 4 weeks until they are back in Canada to find out their offer was not accepted.

It is better to put in several different offers on distressed foreclosures, in the time it would take to get a response on just one short sale.

I specialize in helping Canadians find just the right property in Arizona. Please keep in mind that there is never a fee to use a buyer’s Realtor. The seller or builder will pay my fees. Why not get some information on the housing market and become Canadians in Arizona? Allowing me to represent you will allow you to concentrate on the move.